On Demand Webinar

Flow Cytometry for Clinical Applications: Recommendations on Multi-site Assay Transfer and Method Validation

Recorded on July 12, 2022

(Duration: 50 Minutes)

Flow cytometry analysis can provide incredibly rich data sets, shedding light on biological events at single-cell resolution. However, with many aspects of the validation and monitoring of flow cytometric methods, prospective multicenter immune monitoring trials present several challenges.

Among those challenges are the standardization and sample testing reproducibility between different laboratories, particularly on customized flow assays.

In this webinar, we will address these challenges and discuss considerations and best practices for intra-laboratory flow cytometry assay transfer and recommendations on method validation for clinical applications.



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Key points covered:

  • Advantages of sample testing reproducibility among different laboratories for a more successful transition to clinical settings

  • Considerations for choosing the right technologies used in cell-based assay development approaches: example of receptor occupancy (RO) measurement by flow cytometry

  • The process toward intra-laboratory assay transfer and overcoming the challenges of standardization/harmonization in flow cytometry

  • Points to consider in analytical procedures and method validation for clinical studies

About our Speakers


Deborah Phippard, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Long-standing pharma industry veteran and an expert on biomarker-driven clinical trial design and execution with more than 25 years of biotechnology and clinical translational research experience. She is a leader of biomarker and drug development programs for pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, as well as the National Institutes of Health. She spearheaded the discovery of pharmacodynamic biomarkers and novel targets for inflammatory disease therapy.

Deb earned her PhD in Developmental Biology from the Institute of Cancer Research, London.


Laura Lozza, PhD

Senior Director, Cell Biology

Dr. Lozza has long-standing expertise in immune monitoring and immune assay development with a particular focus on flow cytometry assays. Thanks to her support, the Precision Cell Biology Lab in Berlin was established to support the development and validation of assays for European and global clinical studies.
Laura has a PhD in Human Immunology and earned a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin.