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What is QuartzBio's Virtual Assistant? 

  • QuartzBio’s Virtual Assistant allows users to conversationally interact with data to rapidly generate reports or insights that drive decisions. Rather than referencing multiple spreadsheets or spending hours interrogating data sets, users can simply type their question into the Virtual Assistant, which will extract data from within a study or across studies of a sponsor’s portfolio to deliver information in seconds.  
  • The Virtual Assistant’s capabilities demonstrated here, providing AI-enabled Business Intelligence for vSIM, are just the beginning. Connect with a team member to learn more about future capabilities. 

What are the benefits of the Virtual Assistant?  

  • Make smarter decisions, faster by creating a business-friendly “data dialogue”.
  • Proactively detect anomalies, uncover novel insights and act on trends with real-time metrics at your fingertips.
  • Use natural language to empower teams with varying levels of data expertise.
  • Leverage platform to create reproducibility, scalability and consistency of insights at the speed of decisioning.
  • Create metric-driven dashboards based on data dialogue to enable workflows such as study and vendor monitoring. 

When will the Virtual Assistant be available?  

  • The Virtual Assistant for the virtual Sample Inventory Management (vSIM) solution will be available in March 2024. It will be available for the enterprise Biomarker Data Management (eBDM) solution in November 2024. 

How is the Virtual Assistant developed and validated to ensure accuracy? 

  • Integration of generative AI into QuartzBio products and the Virtual Assistant specifically follows our software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes, which includes validation of any front-end and back-end capabilities as well as validation of AI models.
  • Part of our implementation approach is to
    • Build a foundational model for the domain specific use cases of our platform using a broad range of simulated sample and biomarker data (including training on industry and vendor terminology to understand the key metrics, statuses, and questions our clients use)
    • Fine-tune the GAI model for a specific sponsor based on their data characteristics and
    • Perform model validation by comparing answers received via the Virtual Assistant against the known truth. This validation is possible because the Virtual Assistant operates directly on the data captured in the underlying database (e.g., Master Sample Inventory). 

Is QuartzBio’s Virtual Assistant secure? Are you using OpenAI in your solution? 

  • QuartzBio holds itself to the highest standards for data security and privacy and thus is committed to ensuring any AI enablement complies with these standards.
  • All AI models are running within QuartzBio-controlled, monitored, and secured infrastructure, and no data is leaving this controlled environment.
  • QuartzBio is not using OpenAI’s public APIs and no data is shared to train publicly available LLMs. 

How do I learn more and gather more information about capabilities or pricing? 

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