How to Kick-start the Next Breakthrough in Immunotherapy

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Leveraging Lessons Learned From the First Decade of Modern Immuno-Oncology
How to Accelerate the Pace of Innovation in Cancer Therapy

The breakthrough development of immune checkpoint inhibitors ushered in the modern era of cancer
immunotherapy and was followed by a decade of remarkable achievements in immuno-oncology. While
cancer immunotherapy advances continue and enthusiasm for these approaches remains high, the pace of innovation has noticeably slowed.

To accelerate the next wave of progress in immunotherapy, we can leverage lessons learned. This white
paper reviews the history of advancements in immunotherapy and considers potential avenues for the
next wave of groundbreaking innovation.

This white paper investigates and shares:

Key scientific concepts that have driven the development of approved cancer immunotherapies
Clinical Investigations
Critical lessons learned from immunotherapy clinical investigations
Immuno-oncology Innovation
Next steps for accelerating the pace of immuno-oncology innovation

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